Friday, June 13, 2014

wolves in the neighborhood

A few years ago, I watched a full moon rise and turn orange in the month of October.  I won't even attempt to try and explain why, but I felt the need to howl.  So I did.  Right there in the 7-eleven parking lot.  And it was so liberating that whenever I see a full moon and feel so inspired I go outside and howl.  I can ignore the sound of my phone, the doorbell, and people, but not the call of the moon.  

Two friends emailed me today as a reminder that Friday the thirteenth, the moon would be glorious.  So tonight, I went out when the moon was high around 10 p.m., threw back my head and howled like there was no tomorrow . . . and the strangest thing happened.  One of my neighbors joined in, then another, then another.  And no I don't know which neighbors were howling but I'm pretty sure I have a pack!

So the next time the moon calls to you, don't question it, just answer.  You might be surprised to know you're not the only wolf in the 'hood. 

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